EchoHeart App is platform where you can upload pictures and videos for public or exclusive viewing.

Monetise your content directly by receiving Hearts from your supporters or by advertisement revenue given back by the community.

Get rewarded with Hearts for the content you post!

Not only does EchoHeart make it easier for you to monetise content, EchoHeart users have a chance to share in its advertisement revenue! EchoHeart believes in giving back to the community.

Your friends or fans are coming onto the platform because of your content! It is only fair that you get rewarded for your content with more than just likes.

Hearts allow you to express support to your favourite content creators!

Hearts are the in-app currency of EchoHeart:

It can be used to gift directly to other users in their posts, bid for auctions (view exclusive posts), subscribe to content creators (view private posts) and purchase gifts in the app.

Hearts can be purchased directly from the app or obtained free by watching advertisements in the app (Limited to 3 advertisement viewings per day)

No you can’t. Hearts must be gifted from another user as it represents support and appreciation.

Diamonds are essentially a representation of the Hearts received from other users in the app.

Hearts received from other users are automatically converted into Diamonds and stored in your wallet.

Convert your Diamonds back into Hearts to support other users in return or withdraw them for monetary compensation!

Votes function the same as “likes”. Posts with the most votes will appear at the top of the EchoHeart search page.

Auction is a picture or a short video posted by a content creator for everybody to bid for. Only the winner of the auction gets to view and save the post into their accounts.

Only the winner of the auction will have their bids debited by the corresponding number of Hearts.

Hearts will not be debited from losing bids.

Content creators can post private content for their subscribers’ viewing only.

The number of Hearts required to subscribe to each content creator is set by the content creators themselves.

Only subscribers are allowed to message content creators directly.

Following does not require Hearts and it allows users to be updated on public content posted by content creators.

1) Public page (Maximum of 30 seconds)

2) Private page (Maximum of 120 seconds)

3) Auction (Maximum of 120 seconds)

Wishlist is a place where fans can identify and purchase gifts the content creator likes.

Granting these wishes will allow your content creators to recognise and appreciate your support towards them!

The number of Diamonds you have will be displayed under the “My Wallet” tab in your EchoHeart settings. Select the “Diamonds” tab and withdraw the desired amount of Diamonds for monetary compensation.

EchoHeart Rank is a way to recognise and celebrate the amount of Diamonds achieved by a user. The higher the amount of Diamonds, the higher EchoHeart ranking a user achieves.

A high EchoHeart Rank signifies a user’s popularity and allows the user to enjoy higher reward rates from the platform.

Currently, there are four EchoHeart ranks in the EchoHeart App (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond). The unique border designs around a user’s display picture reflects the current rank of the user.

Select “My EchoHeart Ranking” under your settings to view your current rank and learn how many more Diamonds are required to achieve the next rank!